Boardroom Eco Apparel

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The Boardroom Eco® Apparel Eco® mark certifies that a garment is made from natural and/or recycled fibers and that it has been manufactured in a socially compliant, fair trade facility. The Eco® mark represents authentic third-party audits and certification of fabrics and components, and Intertek and Bureau Veritas for Social Compliance / Fair Trade.

As consumers, we can be “greenwashed” by green marketing that is more style than substance. Because there is no recognized industry-wide mark to indicate a garment’s eco factor or social compliance, the Boardroom Eco® Apparel Eco® mark represents the compilation of certifications, audits, licenses and binding documents that we require from our various suppliers and service providers. We ask the tough questions and make demands on our suppliers to minimize the impact on the environment.

Please feel free to contact us for more information about the Boardroom Eco® Apparel Eco® mark.