Boardroom Eco Apparel

Fabric Technology

We work directly with fabric engineers to develop high-quality proprietary fabrics. We are continually developing and inventing new fabrics. Many of our Eco® Fabrics are made using either natural fibers (bamboo, organic cotton, coconut, tree pulp, etcetera), or recycled fibers (recycled polyester, recycled cotton). Our RPET fabrics are made from recycled polyester and are recyclable.
We also sublimate our fabrics to any color! As a custom manufacturer with a creative and versatile design staff, we have immense flexibility and expertise in merchandising color for projects of any scope.
Our fabrics are the highest quality available on the marketplace. We routinely test our fabrics to perform to the highest standards under all conditions. To learn more about our fabric technology, please select a fabric from the list below:

EcoTec.jpg Drytech.jpg
EcoDuraLite.jpg EcoMilliflex.jpg
Microfiber.jpg Poly-Cotton.jpg
EcoDrytechDura.jpg YogaPlex.jpg
EcoSyntex.jpg EcoSweaterFleece.jpg
EcoPoly-Cotton.jpg EcoPlasmaLite.jpg
Quilted.jpg PolyWoolSoftShell.jpg

EcoSoftShell.jpg EcoTaslanShell.jpg