Boardroom Eco Apparel



Boardroom Eco® Apparel (Boardroom) is an apparel design and manufacturing company located in Vancouver, BC Canada. Founded by Mark Trotzuk and Lan Tran in 1996, Boardroom specializes in custom manufacturing and technical, fashionable and low-impact clothing solutions.
Since 2001, Boardroom has provided low-impact recycled polyester fabrics and closed-loop apparel recycling.
Boardroom's product is sold primarily by advertising specialty re-sale agents, who in turn sell the product to a company or corporation (the end-user). Boardroom's primary market is the promotional products industry.  For more information about the advertising specialty/promotional products industry, please visit &
Boardroom Eco® Apparel is unique because it offers custom clothing at a 48-unit minimum, with a 30-day turnaround. In a market where most clothing is made in overseas factories at large volumes, Boardroom maintains a Canadian factory. Boardroom's product is NAFTA friendly; no difficulties or delays getting it across the border. More than 70% of Boardroom's goods are sold/distributed in the United States.
For larger volume orders (600+ units), Boardroom does manufacture overseas in socially-compliant verified factories. The turnaround for off-shore manufacturing is 90 to 120 days.
Boardroom Eco® Apparel's primary goal is to manufacture clothing - and to be part of the solution - in respect to the impact of clothing and textiles on the environment and worker health and safety.
Boardroom has always been recognized as a leading provider of high quality, fashion-forward and technical clothing, and appreciated for providing friendly service, value-added sales, and care.