Boardroom Eco Apparel
Boardroom Eco® Apparel's Eco® Apparel Recycling program benefits
non-profit organizations and collects raw material for the Boardroom's
Closed-Loop Apparel Recycling program, which recycles used (recycled
and/or non-recycled) 100% polyester into new apparel.
Here’s how it works: using clothing donation bins and corporate clothing drives, Boardroom donates good condition wearables to a non-profit (Big Brothers & David Suzuki Foundation). The non-profit in turn re-distributes and/or sells the apparel into a for-profit commodity market. Any product that is not suitable for re-distribution is diverted to the Eco® Apparel Closed-Loop Apparel Recycling program, to be used as raw material for new Eco® Apparel clothing items. 
The money raised by Eco® Apparel is donated to a non-profit organization (Big Brothers & David Suzuki Foundation).