Boardroom Eco Apparel

In early 2012, we were contacted by a customer that had a quantity of event T-shirts that they wished to enter into our Eco® Apparel Recycling program. Our customer did not want the T-shirts to end-up in a landfill. We suggested that the T-shirts could be destroyed and cut up into waste-rags. The following videos and images describe the process undertaken to convert the uniform apparel items down to recycled wiping rags.

Introduction with Eco® Apparel President, Mark Trotzuk.


After the T-shirts have been cut into rags, they are delivered to specialized machine that compresses 10 lb bundles to a tight package and pushes the bundles out to be tagged and bagged.


Each bag contains 10 lbs of 100% post-consumer recycled wiping rags. The rags are used by a variety businesses, like painting contractors, printing press operators and janitorial workers.